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© Redline Personal Training 2010

4/2 Torca Terrace, Mornington, Vic Australia, 3931 | P: (03) 5976 3930 | E: enquiries@redlinept.com.au

Redline Personal Training was established in September 2007 by James Kirby. James is a
qualified and certified Master Personal Trainer & Outdoor Group Fitness Leader.

Our Philosophy:

We believe that a physical fitness regime is a vital element in developing and maintaining a
fulfilled life. When a person is in great physical shape they become more resilient to the 

pressures and stresses of life. Importantly, exercise should be something to be enjoyed.
Enjoyment leads to increased motivation, and increased motivation leads directly to results.

Our Commitment:

Just as no two human beings are completely alike, no two training packages should be alike.

We will tailor a REDLINE TRAINING SYSTEM™ manual exclusively for you. Working with you,
we will devise your Action Plan based on your realistic goals and lifestyle. It will contain your
daily exercise routine; it will be used as a guide to check your progress and used as a
motivational tool which will help make you accountable between our training sessions. When
needed, we will enlist the help of other health professionals - experts in their fields - and include their opinions, advice and guides within this manual. Above all, your REDLINE TRAINING SYSTEM™ will make your training fun, challenging and motivational - targeted at your individual specific needs.

Our Guarantee:

Together we have designed your REDLINE TRAINING SYSTEM™. It has been designed exclusively for you based on your goals, your likes and dislikes and importantly around your lifestyle. You're enjoying your new exercise regime; you're having fun and are highly motivated.

I guarantee you will achieve your goals.

About - Our Philosophy

(03) 5976 3930