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Watch the video below to see Keet's amazing transformation

That was me 4 years ago, and this is me today.

From 107kg to 78kgs and stable. 

Thankyou James for giving me The knowledge, motivation and encouragement to change my life.  I now have high energy

levels, I enjoy training and I never tire from the compliments. It truly has been a wonderful journey.


My name is Christine.  I started with Redline Personal Training just before Christmas 2008 and in the period of ten months have lost over 10 kilos and my body shape has changed significantly.  In particular my waist measurement has gone from 98cm to 79cm

I have tried all sorts of diet programs and exercise regimes in the past but always seem to take a few steps forward and then go back to where I was.  I was convinced I was doomed to be an overweight frumpy forty something.

James from Redline worked with me once a week for most of the 10 month period and provided me with a Redline Training Manual which set a training program for me in between my weekly sessions.  I now attend the group sessions which I really enjoy.  With Redline’s support and encouragement I realised I can be a slim, fit, healthy person.

He helped me review lifestyle including eating patterns, alcohol consumption and my self destruct tendencies.  I now go to the gym regularly and ENJOY IT, eat and drink in a more moderate way.  In essence I have made the lifestyle changes I needed to and I have reached my goals.

Thanks so much James and the other Redline trainers for your help and support and I highly recommend Redline to anyone.



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4/2 Torca Terrace, Mornington, Vic Australia, 3931 | P: (03) 5976 3930 | E: enquiries@redlinept.com.au

Hi my name is Belinda and I am 53 years old. After regularly exercising at the gym for over a year I found I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, so I decided to take some personal training with James.
James taught me not to be concerned about the scales but take notice of my measurements. This was so true, in 6 weeks, training twice a week I had lost 7cm off my waist and dropped a dress size and noticed my fitness level had increased.
I feel the extra encouragement to go a bit further is the secret to the success I have had with James. James taught me to challenge myself through exercise which I can now honestly say I enjoy.

Thankyou James.



(03) 5976 3930